A Look at the Slot Machine Mystery Express

With the straightforward game board provided, Mystery Express may be played by anybody. The betting sliders may be found at the base of the reels. Adjusting the total stake by changing the amount of coins per line is the first step. The game may be started by clicking the Spin button, or the reels can be spun automatically for a certain number of times by clicking the round Auto play symbol.

Extensive Data about the Mysterious Express Slot Machine

Ride the midnight train around Europe with Monsieur Poirot as he fights crime and exposes the most intricate plans. Uncovering the secrets in a setting where everyone is a possible villain will not only bring you renown, but also the valuable items stashed away in the train.



Since IGT developed the Mystery Express slot machine, you may play it at any respectable gambling site providing IGT titles. It has a fair amount of variation and a return to player percentage of 97.03%. The Mystery Wild Bonus, the Level Up feature, the Bon Voyage Bonus, and the Mystery Box Bonus are just a few of the many exciting extras. With such a wide variety of options, playing the Mystery Express slot machine is always a good time.

The functions of Mystery Express are described.


You may play Mystery Express, a slot machine with 5 reels and 30 paylines, at any online casino powered by IGT. As you go through the game, you’ll have opportunities to earn incentives like surprise wild bonuses and mystery box features. The game’s level-up bonus structure has 5 tiers and provides players with free spins, multipliers, and other opportunities to increase their winnings.


The intriguing mystery setting of Mystery Express is clearly influenced by Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot mysteries. The protagonists of the thriller hold the reels, while in the backdrop you can see famous landmarks like Big Ben and the skyline of London.


The green Gemstone, which serves as the game’s wild symbol and awards 33.33 times for matching five of them, is only one example of the theme’s symbols being used in the game. The wild symbol can be used to complete winning combinations if the bonus sign is not present. Five of the standard symbols, including the lady and the gentlemen, will pay out at a rate of 13.33 times your wager. The necklace and the pocket watch, which follow them in value, each pay 5 times for landing 5 of them on a line.


Mystery Express’s lower-paying symbols are a diamond ring, a whiskey bottle, a cake, and a gun, with payouts ranging from 4x to 3.33x for 5 of a kind. ‘Bonus’ is inscribed on a unique scatter symbol in the game. To win, you need to line up three to five identical symbols along a single active payline, running from left to right.


Added Value Functions

With its numerous unique bonus features, the Mystery Express slot machine may help you win big money. After amassing enough experience points, you may make use of the game’s leveling capabilities. You may boost your earnings by using the mystery box’s rewards. Using the “bon voyage” function might help you earn bonus points.


Extra Wilds for a Guess

One to five reels may be transformed into wilds when the mystery wilds feature is activated at random. If you get all the reels to become wilds, you win a massive jackpot of up to a thousand times your wager.


Increased Difficulty Levels

You may see your progress toward the next level via Mystery Express’s Experience meter, located at the top left of the reels. You begin in London as a traveler and gain experience and levels by landing bonus symbols. Bonuses are awarded for landing on specific locations, such as the mini-slot bonus, the mystery box, or an additional ticket dispenser.


When you take a trip from London to Paris, Venice, or Istanbul, you may earn up to 2,000 bonus points. Earning the titles of “traveler,” “voyager,” “adventurer,” “explorer,” and “globetrotter” grants you access to increasingly impressive rewards as you go through the game.


Where you land determines what benefits you receive. For example, if you arrive in Paris, Belgrade, Budapest, or Brussels, you will receive little slot bonuses. Wheel extra features are unlocked when a player lands in London, Venice, Istanbul, or Vienna.


Extras for Mini Slot Machines

Depending on your current Traveler level, this section of the game contains the game’s most valuable rewards. At the Beginner level, your bet is multiplied by 50, at the Adventurer level by 166.6, at the Explorer level by 300, and at the Globetrotter level by up to 466.6.


Bonus for Leaving Town

If you get bonus symbols on reels 1, 3, and 5 on the same spin, the bonus round will begin. If you only acquire 2 scatter symbols on reels 1 and 3 during a single play, the feature will give you another chance to attempt and land an additional scatter symbol.


Happy travels and free rolls

At the Bon Voyage bonus, you can receive two to four free rolls. Your degree of experience determines how many times you get to roll. As you go through the many stops on your tour, you’ll also collect the following prizes:


Bonus Ticket: Receive up to fifty rolls for free, after using your first one or two.

The Explorer’s Level Diamond Spot Activates the Mystery Box Feature.

The bonus wheel can multiply your bet by up to 30 times.

You may spin the tiny slot machine for free with 2X, 3X, or 4X wilds in the bonus feature.

You can multiply your bet by a factor of 2-10 and win a monetary award.

Unknown Contents Bonus

When you achieve the Explorer level, you get the option to investigate the mysterious box. Once you’ve earned 1000 explorer points, you’ll be able to choose from among three boxes, each of which contains rewards worth up to 200 times your initial wager.


To What End Should One Participate in Mystery Express Video Slot?

You’ll have a blast navigating the cities, and the numerous additional features will reward you handsomely. The intriguing plot and high-quality visuals make for a fun and engaging slot. The several bonus elements in Mystery Express might increase your chances of winning and provide a significant payoff.


Synopsis of Our Mystery Express Test

Mystery Express is available at mobile and desktop casinos. Demo mode allows you to get a feel for the game’s mechanics before committing to buying it. Once you feel comfortable with the game, visit an IGT-powered online casino to play for real money.


Pros Low-stakes penny slots

Potential for Huge Wagers

ROI is better than average Pros

The results show that it performs badly.






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