Basque Country and Spain’s northern coast are among the greenest areas in the entire country. They offer some incredible hiking opportunities for anyone who loves the outdoors.

Even if you’re not following the Camino de Santiago de Compostela, a traditional pilgrimage whose trails criss-cross the northern landscape, you can follow parts of those trails for some one-of-a-kind views. But they’re not the only great hiking trails you’ll find.

I visited Spain in November and, only having a few days in Bilbao, I wanted to see as much as I could of the city but also explore the surrounding natural beauty. I looked around online for local spots, came across a perfect viewpoint, and began to plan the route for my hike.

I woke early from my stay in the Hotel Gran Bilbao and started making my way to Mamalmasin Mendiaren Gailurra park. I was greeted on the way by morning hikers and bike riders. It took me about 30 minutes following the main road before I could turn into the park and garden area and start my assent to the top.

In total it took me a little over an hour to get from the hotel to the peak.

The ascent was not too taxing for the most part — just a few larger rocks to clamber over — but since rain from the day before combined with morning dew left the ground a little slippery, especially on the way down, so care must be taken on the descent.  

However, the breathtaking views over Bilbao and the surrounding mountains made it more than worthwhile. On the day of my hike, it wasn’t windy, and the were clear views of the city with blue skies and rolling clouds over Basque Country. It’s a very tranquil place, and I highly recommend spending some time to relax and take in the views. For my part, I took this opportunity to set up my drone so I could get some shots of the scenery. Check out my drone video overlooking Bilbao and Basque Country at the top of this post.

I would recommend this hike to anybody visiting the area. Unfortunately, I only had the morning free for this little adventure, but you could easily spend the whole day there exploring Mamalmasin Mendiaren Gailurra park.

Bilbao Spain incredible hiking drone video
A view over Bilbao, located in Basque Country, Spain. | Photo by Erin L. McCoy
Happy exploring!
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As part of Neil Sweeney’s profession as a performing artist, he has the privilege of traveling the world. In Bilbao, he performed on the MTV EMAs with Janet Jackson. Whenever he can, Neil tries to find some time to hike and explore, and he’s always looking for beautiful viewpoints and old, abandoned, or historic sites, as he also has a passion for videography and tries to make scenic videos of the places he visits.

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