The Alhambra of Granada is seen at dusk. | Photo by Erin L. McCoy The Albayzín neighborhood is visible from the Alhambra. The Alhambra is seen at dusk from the Albayzín district in Granada. A ceiling in the Alhambra. The Alhambra in Granada is known for the intricate carvings and artwork on its interior. The Alhambra of Granada is seen at dusk. Granada's oldest neighborhood, the Albaycín, is visible on the left from the vantage point of the Alhambra.
If you've never visited the Alhambra in Granada, you're missing out on one of the most important historical sites in all of Spain. The artistic value alone of a visit to this incredible place is absolutely stunning. But it also offers a key look inside the 800 years of Muslim rule in the Iberian Peninsula.

In fact, as you travel around Andalusia, you're sure to see pieces of art whose origins date back to the Muslim era everywhere. From the Alcázar in Seville to the tilework in a typical Spanish house, the geometric and organic patterns you see throughout the region — and in much of Spain — are derived from the Berber and Arab peoples who lived in Granada and throughout Andalusia.

As you plan your visit to the Alhambra and to Granada, take a look at our gallery of photos from the Alhambra. Then, when you're ready to plan your trip, check out our definitive guide to Granada.
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