Red Tiger’s Mystic Wheel (A Critique)

This fantasy-themed slot was developed specifically for Red Tiger by the same in-house team that brought us Devil’s Number, so you know it’s going to be full of mystery, magic, and Norse mythology. The game is known by the uninspiring moniker “Mystic Wheel,” and it’s a standard 5×4 slot machine with 30 paylines that’s sure to be loved by some and hated by others. The Mystic Wheel extra feature is accessible in two ways: by landing three or more scatter symbols, or by using the Wheel Activator, a randomly activated bonus feature. With the right combination of improved multipliers and retriggers, players may earn as much as 10,000 times their initial wager once inside.

Mystic Wheel has a stunning aesthetic, exuding an air of mystery and exploration that feels almost real. The reels are firmly planted in front of the mystical supernatural wheel that is slowly spinning in the backdrop, and the scene is set in a cave lit by the northern lights to the accompaniment of ominous music. As the reels spin, you’ll see icons that represent playing cards and higher-value items like keys, rings, medallions, and diamonds. The latter pays you 10 times your bet for a hand of five of a kind, making it the most profitable option. Neither a wild symbol nor stacked symbols are present in this game. As a result, you get a highly unpredictable product, with almost all of its potential contained in the bonus.

Red Tiger’s Mystic Wheel Capabilities

The primary game consists primarily of waiting for one of two conditions to be met in order to unlock the bonus. On any spin, the Wheel Activator function may randomly occur. When it happens, the screen begins to shake and the reels, as well as the outer ring of the wheel, light up in a golden glow. The odds of spinning in enough scatter symbols to activate the bonus round will increase dramatically.

During normal play, you may also activate the Mystic Wheel Spins bonus by getting three or more scatter symbols scattered anywhere on the reels. You can get one spin on the wheel for every scatter, up to a maximum of five. As you may have guessed, this is not your standard “free spins” bonus round. This round is more like a spin on the Wheel of Fortune, with different regions of the wheel awarding different rewards (mostly multipliers). The available prizes are:

All win multipliers will be twice if the wheel stops on the “Double All” section.

These sections have plus signs with corresponding numbers, denoting a multiplicative increase. If the wheel stops on the +3 spot, for instance, all multipliers will be raised by 3, so 10x would become 13x.

If you get an Extra Spins symbol, the feature will be reactivated and you will receive x more spins.

If the wheel ends on the question mark, you’ll win either an increased multiplier or an arbitrary amount of free spins.

The maximum number of spins you may win is 77, and the maximum payout is 10,000 times your initial bet.

Bonus wheels have been available for a long time, but they are usually merely a low-paying add-on to the primary free spins feature. The game’s restricted scope just adds to my initial reservations about the unconventional arrangement. The wheel is also too similar to previous wheel extra features for our liking. The developers would have to start from scratch in order to make a sale to us. And using 4 rows but just 30 paylines is, in our opinion, a common error that ultimately amounts to nothing.

While Mystic Wheel won’t restore the wheel’s former glory, we applaud Red Tiger for providing us with such a diverse selection of games. However, the potential is high, and we all know by now that Red Tiger potential is no joke (unlike other providers who boast crazy potential), as seen time and time again by Casumo’s monthly presentations of best-performing slots.






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